daddykittyfriendI’m not much of a disciplinarian frankly.   The only rules I ever make are for myself.     And this week I was reminded that I ignore my own rules at my peril.    In the pictures he e-mailed me,  Roger looked REALLY attractive.    He’s sixty something and keeps his balding silver-white hair just a tad longer than a crew cut.     He has a nice thick silver-white mustache on his otherwise clean-shaven face.    I never actually got to see his body,  and his dick didn’t look impressive in the picture.   But he wrote that he wanted to suck and ride my dick,  so honestly I didn’t care about whatever meat he did or didn’t have.

I usually take it as a big red flag if the guy says he is inexperienced and wants me to be one of his first gay sex encounters.    To be perfectly frank,  I haven’t been a newbie in more than four decades and I long ago made a rule for myself that I don’t break in newbs.    Elsewhere I’ve written that you should definitely take at least a dozen other cocks up your ass before you even think about trying to take mine.   But I found Roger very attractive and pretty much ignored my own rule.

That  the trick first  got postponed  was my fault.    The cub and I were over at Harry’s  (fucked him twice,  was very nice)  and it was getting on time for me to drive down to Roger’s.    So I had the cub check my e-mail from his phone and copy down the directions.    He omitted one line,  and since I didn’t turn on the proper street I never came to the four-way stop sign and could not find the man’s house.     We rescheduled for several days later.   I walked in the door and asked to use the bathroom.   I took a piss and came back out and he says he’s really sorry but he just can’t go through with it.    I tried to chat with him for a minute or two,  then asked him if he was sure he really wanted me to leave.   He said yes so I left.   I thought to myself, ‘I took a Viagra for This?’     The night was hardly a loss however.    A couple of hours later my own boy (my kitty, my huzband) who had said that he was through with sex  (a few weeks ago the cub came over and waved his dick and made begging for it eyes and Kitty sucked and fucked Him just like old times) decided to slurp my rod.   I got it right up of course.   Ended up fucking him twice and shooting a huge load in the second round.   Honestly,   that sex with my huzband was some of the best sex I’ve had this year so far.   And it’s always so much more special to fuck with love rather than for sport.

And sometimes,  giving the other guy what he needs is so much more fulfilling to me than managing to pound out my n-th load.  Tonight for instance the cub,  very shyly and sweetly asked me to cum over and fuck him.    The first time he and I met,  I vividly remember getting him on the living room floor of the apartment my late huzband and I used to live in.   I fucked that boy’s hairy ass with great abandon and shot a huge load in him.     The funny thing is that,  while the cub does have great appreciation for big dicks and sometimes desperately needs his hole worked over,   nine days out of ten he’s a top.     He also has a huzband who is a lot less laid back than my kitty.    One of their seemingly endless rules is that tricks are not to stay past midnight on a work night.     Being rushed is rarely conducive to good sex and as it got to be 12:20 am  and I still didn’t have a boner,  so he asked me to use a big old dildo on his hole instead.   It’s  a solid 10 x 7 shaft of firm rubber.     I eased it slowly into the cub’s hairy ass  and  only gently manipulated it,   pulling it out only an inch or two and easing it back in.    The cub shot a huge load rather quickly and by 12:45 I was on my way home.   Given the change to daylight savings time,   his huzband didn’t get peeved about less than an hour over curfew,  and it looks like we will all be going to bed happy and at peace tonight.

By baddaddybear

A Hot Man, A Shitty Asshole, and Getting My Groove Back

Ken sucking meTurns out it was Google’s fault.  For the past month or six weeks it seemed to me that I was not getting many replies to my ads and I found myself wondering if perhaps I just wasn’t as popular or desirable as I had previously believed.   Yesterday I discovered that Gmail had filed dozens and dozens of replies to my ads in a Spam folder,  which is not visible or easy to find.    I un-spammed all of the messages from cock hungry boys.    I replied to each and every one and explained what happened and let them know I was still interested in getting together.    Which made it not that surprising that I had a play date last night.

I’ve written before about men’s assholes that seem incredibly hungry for cock or fingers or fists or toys.    But Matt was something else again.   I don’t really have a  ‘type’.     Most of the time I only care that he be and look like a man and that he seriously want my dick.   So I can’t say that Matt wasn’t my type,   but I found myself really attracted to him.    He’s a tall, trim guy with just a little bit of fur on his chest and just another little bit on his tummy.     He has a very closely trimmed mustache and goatee,  with his cheeks clean-shaven.  He had a kind of ugly tattoo on his arm that didn’t make much sense to me.   But I thought he was really hot.   I took Cialis earlier in the evening and the first hour I was with Matt,  fucked him with a rock hard full size daddy dick.     And then something in my head just snapped and I pulled out,  gave it three strokes and shot a huge load all over his thighs.     And the moment I moved my hand away,  he grabbed my dick and shoved it back in his ass.    My boner returned gradually at first,  but I was again rock hard  when I shot a second load in his ass.     And I pulled out and damned if he didn’t grab my meat and get it right back in his ass.    After two orgasms I didn’t get fully hard again and at times the man was riding a limp log.   But he rode it for another two hours after my second load.

Today Ben (yeah, I named my dick.  Sue me.) is raw and red and sore and spent,  and I am firmly resolved not to have any sort of sex today or tomorrow.    Monday night I’ve got a hot date with a very cute older gentleman.     I’m having to remember to keep to my three dates a week limit,  lest my huzband get mad at me.    And come to think of it,  prior to last night it had been a full week since I went out to play with anyone.    Arthur was a lawyer who is now an ‘advocate’,  though it honestly wasn’t clear to me whom he advocates for or how he does so.    Arthur appeared to be about sixty.    A short, pudgy and hairless body and an eminently forgettable face.       What can I tell you,  I’m usually pretty generous is dispensing mercy fucks.     He was hardly a great cocksucker but my Viagra worked and he did go down on my big dick,  and I did fuck him in his ass,   shooting a load only minutes after sticking it in him,  like a rank amateur.    So then I started using my fingers to open him up more.     I’m not squeamish and I honestly never have a problem removing a couple or three pieces of shit from the guy’s ass so that we can get on with things.    But I kept pulling gobs of shit from his ass.   He kept going to the bathroom to flush out.   But every time he came back to bed and I started working his hole and pulled out more shit.   The n-th time the shit curled around my finger was accompanied by a horrible odor and I was done.     He seemed horribly embarrassed and asked me how to get himself really clean in his guts so that he can play.    I kind of chickened out.   I told him that I’m mostly a top and don’t really know about that.    Except that I do.    A two-quart enema bag filled with plain warm water will pretty well fill your gut cavities.    Evacuate into the toilet and maybe repeat a time or two.    I’ve also seen shower attachments that enable you to irrigate and flush out your colon.

A Very Hungry Hole

004Enthusiasm counts for a lot.   It won’t make up for teeth scraping the dick or backing out and doing a mid-flake the second you get the first two inches of that big fucking dick up your ass,  but enthusiasm goes a long way.   The cub and I finished out our weekend of rutting with a visit to Frank–Mr. Mustache.   One of the biggest ‘staches I’ve ever seen.    And it looked so Hot going up and down my big dick.   Soon as we got there he asks me ‘what do you want?’   and I said ‘suck my fucking dick’ and he dropped right to his knees and started giving first rate service.  A bit later we got him into the bed and his hole was truly hungry for dicks, fists and toys.      After awhile,  the cub really had to go home,  so I took him.   But then I went back and Frank and I played for a couple of hours more.   At the very end,  after lots of fucking, sucking and fisting I wasn’t able to get it all of the way up again.   But somehow I managed to fuck him one last time with a mostly limp log.     And it felt so freaking hot.   The cub and I are expecting to see him again soonish.

And then there was Teddy.    He told me he’s 59.    He is not happy to be retired at his age.      He was short and stocky.   His face was clean shaved (I got the impression he scrapes his face very morning and doesn’t grow all that much beard over the course of a day) and his body completely hairless.   But he sucked on my dick and it felt real nice.   And when he stopped sucking I definitely had a boner.    So he got some Vaseline and greased up his asshole rather thoroughly.   He offered the lube to me,  but just poking my finger I could tell he had plenty enough lube.   And I eased my dick in all the way to the hilt and slowly at first started riding his ass.    It really didn’t take me more than 15 or 20 minutes to shoot my load in him.    And I didn’t much want to hang around afterwards because I found it very hard to understand his speech.    But he definitely did a good enough job that I might well play with him again should the opportunity strike.

And then there was Jerry.    I drove about twenty miles out into the rural countryside.    Jerry lives in a nice farm house on a one lane rural street.    He sat me down in front of the fireplace in a nice big comfy chair.   He got down on his knees in front of me and very seriously went to work on my dick.    Now taht I’m pushing 50,  I’m sorry to say that my dick does not get hard as reliably as it once did.      Jerry gave me truly expert head–  using his lips, tongue and throat only–  never scraping with the teeth and never touching the dick with his hands.    He actually managed to suck a load out of me,  without my ever quite getting all the way to erect.    He had said that he wanted me to try fucking him–  mine would be the second dick ever to take his ass–  but that didn’t work out.   But he was so enthusiastic and gave such great service that he is definitely  on the list of people I want to see once I get my cialis– which I am hoping will come in the mail any day now.

None of these guys was conventionally handsome,  and two of them served my dick even though it was only at half mast.    Their enthusiasm for my meat made all of the difference between a trick that doesn’t work out,  and one where everyone goes home fairly happy.


By baddaddybear

Still Building On It

meatThis site is still very much under construction.    There are some stories here.    And you can begin to get the sense of what it’s going to look like when it really gets going.    I know the graphics suck.     I am trying real hard to convince the cub that he simply must be the graphic designer guy for this site.    He has boatloads of images and videos and has real skill in those areas that I most assuredly do not.    The only way to tell the story for me is to just tell you it as I remember it.     I’ve pretty much decided not to try to make this fiction sound more fictional.    It will actually be better fiction if I write it in the blogging/essay style that I’ve evolved on two long running and (by some measures) successful blogs under a wallet name I was born with rather than one I just write under.     My reason for this is that I have actually worked hard building a fairly large circle of friends, acquaintances and occasionally even loyal readers.   But never once have I ever talked explicitly with any of those folks about my sex life.     And my sex life is exactly what I want to talk about here.    Perhaps one day I will step forward and claim this work under my own name.   Or not.

If you read any of these stories remember,  it’s fiction.  Paraphrasing Ryan Stephen O’Hara  (the hero of Jack Fritscher’s Some Dance To Remember): … you can never take any of it at face value.     I always shade things and change the story so it goes where I want the reader to go.      You can’t take any of it as actual fact,  even though all of it will convey my truths in a way that transcends memoir or factual reportage.    I’m a hairy guy with a big dick.    And this is my story.   I love to hear from my readers.  If you have anything to say,  just leave a comment and  I’ll reply to you if I possibly can.   Be sure to include an e-mail address if you want a reply.


How To Suck Dick

meatThe other day I met a young man who told me he wanted to suck my dick.    He said he’d never done it before.   I can’t say that I was or am particularly enthusiastic about breaking in a brand newbie.    Men have been wanting to suck my dick and take it up their asses since I was eight years old.    It is not an exaggeration to say that I have received thousands of hours of head and can well distinguish the good, the great, the bad, the horrible and every gradation in between.    So if you’ve never sucked a man’s dick and don’t really know how to do it,  read this:

The first thing you need to know is that under no circumstances whatsoever should your teeth come in contact with the dick you are sucking.    Teeth can hurt the incredibly sensitive penis,  and a cocksucker who scrapes a prick is contemptuously regarded as a rank amateur.   More often than not most self-respecting men who are blessed with 8 or more inches of dick between their legs will put their meat  back in their pants and go away pretty much the instant you start using your teeth,  instead of your lips, tongue, the roof of your mouth and the upper portion of your throat.

Kneel in front of the man you’re about to service.   If necessary, lower his pants and underwear  so that his dick is exposed.   If he is not erect before you begin,  it is acceptable to briefly use your hand to position his dick so that you can take it into your mouth.   Once you wrap your lips around the tip of the prick and take it into your mouth,  do not use your hands on the meat again.   Big dicks cum in your mouth or in your ass but never in your hand.    You can keep your hands by your sides, or behind your back or use them to play with your own dick while your sucking mine.

What you eventually want to be able to do is wrap your lips around a dick of almost any length and smoothly move your lips all the down to the man’s pubic bone.    If the dick you’re about to suck is a big one,  there is very little chance you will be able to do that.   Keep the dick in your mouth and run your tongue around just the head.   Lower your lips onto the dick as far down as you feel comfortable,  then reverse and slide your lips back up the dick until only the head is in your mouth.   Do this repeatedly and quickly until the man comes (if he doesn’t get a lot of sex and rarely if ever gets a good blow job you might bring off his load quite, quite quickly) or until you get tired of doing it and you need to take a break.   If you master this one trick,  of shielding your teeth with your lips and moving your hot mouth up and down a shaft for a little while,  you will be a basic, competent cocksucker.

The best way to learn is to practice, practice, practice.   When I was a teenager I would sit for hours at a tearoom glory hole sucking every prick that came along.    They came in a wide range of sizes and skin colors,  although the semen that was the usual result of my efforts was always uniformly white.   Cum does have quite a range of subtle flavors.    After a lifetime of swallowing pretty much all of the cum I could way back then,  and increasingly less as I’ve gotten older,   I’m quite certain that I have not tasted all of the flavors that might tasted in male semen and couldn’t if I had a hundred lifetimes to live.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of the old up and down there are a couple of tricks I especially like and I’m going to mention one of them here–  the best place for a man’s dick to grow from a limp log to a pulsating prong is in your hot mouth.     It’s always great to see a man suck two inches of dick into his mouth and then just a minute or two later he backs up the shaft for the first time and you can see a good 8 inches of meat come out of the cocksucker’s mouth.    If you’ve read this and you still want to suck my dick, son,   shoot me another e-mail.

By baddaddybear

Having Fun With My “Cub”

BearMy cub and I have been out rutting the last couple of days.    We don’t do it all the time.   But Sometimes we do it a lot.    I was kind of surprised tonight when he pointed it two me we’ve had threesomes with five different guys in the last month.   I started to say wait, no, that can’t be right.   We’ve only done two, maybe three.     Then he started counting them off.

There’s Harry.   Harry is the absolute perfect fuckbuddy.     If you want a guy to suck on your limp log and keep sucking until it’s hard as a rock and you’re ready to ride him out of his mind,  Harry’s your man.   He’s no body’s idea of handsome.   But what guys with real big dicks like me know is that looks have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with sexual performance.     My cub– full disclosure:  he does NOT think of himself in these terms,  but he speaks a lingo I often don’t quite grasp with his friends in his own age group (he’s about 30,  I’m about 50).   With me he speaks in words that I understand and tends to be very patient.

And come to think of it I have had sex with Harry twice in the last couple of weeks.   Harry used to teach high school geography and had a pretty nice life.   Twice the poor man married women.   Harry says that   “women are just too much drama”.   Harry’s circumstances in life went down significantly with each divorce.   These days Harry just wants men who just want to get naked and get taken care of a bit.   I could lie to you tell you that Harry is great sex.    He isn’t.   He’s good sex and often happy to have you come by on short notice.    He manages a restaurant and works long hours and is quick to let you know if you’ve called at a bad time.     But honestly?    I pity the man who doesn’t have a friend like Harry.    If your huzband is mad and you don’t feel like cruising the boards or posting an ad,   being able to give Harry a call and go over there and take  your clothes off and let him suck you until you’re ready to ride him and do it time and again until you cum or decide you’ve had enough for now is a blessing.

And then there was Kyle.    It’s always taking a chance when you to have sex with someone you’ve only talked to online before.    There’s always a chance the guy might be a door flake or a mid flake.    And sometimes you walk in the door and find yourself shaking hands with a police officer who really wants to serve big dicks.    Kyle is HUGE.   He’s about my age and has a bit of belly on him.   But his trapezius is the size of basketball and climbing up on his back to stick my dick in his ass,  he is hard as marble all over and he purrs when I fuck him.    Later,  up on his knees he was like a piston,  his pencil-line white mustache brushing against my cockring  as his ass rose almost to the tip of cub’s prick.   Back and forth back and forth and all three of us are making noises that had no words but cried out but which so clearly indicated intense shared pleasure.  Not exactly growls, not exactly moans, no exactly purrs.   But an animal sound of male pricks and holes in glorious cacophony.

There was also Bryan.    But I had been trying to forget about that one.    Somehow Bryan  tells folks he is “straight” and appears to fuck women on a fairly regular basis.    And yet the cub has lots and lots of videos that show Bryan sucking various big dicks that the cub has lined up for him to suck.    I wasn’t that impressed but when circumstance arose to suit cub’s contrivance  I did find myself in a room with cub and Bryan.   And Bryan did suck Ben– yeah I named my dick.  Sue me– with a reasonable degree of skill and attention.   But the fact that he kept not only his pants but also his shirt on the hole time while sending out lots of don’t touch me waves, made it feel more awkward than hot.     I have seen film on a night he did get persuaded to take off his shirt and he has a kind of nice hairy chest and nice arms as well.   Cub tells me that Bryan is really into the Bro thing,  and sucking a Bro’s big dick is just something bro’s do.   Whatever.

Cub has strict instructions that Bryan is not to be scheduled for me again.   As for the others….I usually don’t really know who I’m going to have sex with until just before I start having sex,  so you’ll just have to come back again next time if you want to hear about all the hot guys I fuck.

By baddaddybear

Winding Down My Long-Winded Introduction

I love my Daddy very much. My father, whom I always until the day he died called Daddy, passed away in 2002. He was in his seventies and I do believe he was ready to go, having lived through many good years and enjoyed many triumphs. Getting to see me grow up and get a good job and settle down with a nice man and have a stable home was one of the things I was able to give Daddy before he died. Like me, my father had only a high school diploma to his educational curriculum vitae. I want to be absolutely crystal clear, that while I frequently use the term “daddy” in these stories, I am using always as a contemporary gay sex term. I want t be totally clear on that. I am completely fine with any language or terminology you prefer, but I try very hard to be clear.

I have a huge vocabulary, know enough Latin to recognize its influence on many English words and to navigate most medical and legal documents with a pretty good understanding of what they say, regardless of what language is used to express the ideas of medicine or law. Sometimes I try to outsmart these professionals, just for sport. If I really put my all in it, I have about a fifty percent success rate. I try real hard to understand situations before I take any action at all. I make mistakes of course. Though over the years I like to think I make fewer of them these days than I once did. And these days I rarely make little mistakes. If I make a mistake now it’s usually a doozy.
That I have a debilitating mental illness plus several other physical challenges that make me unable to work in a regular job. (Like so many people who once had regular jobs, I am now a consultant. I don’t really do much, but if you have a problem, you might talk to me about it. I usually give anyone and everyone a full hour of my time before I mention a fee and insist on being paid before going any further. It’s very possible that I may be able to help you solve many different problems, and it really won’t cost you anything to ask me about it.

I’ll almost certainly ask you questions about whatever problem (or fantasy) you need help with. It seems a bit odd sometimes to tell clients that we help with both practical every day problems (who’s the best person to call to fix my NOUN? is one of the easiest problems I’ve ever solved. The most complicated fantasy involved 5 guests and 3 crew members as well the client. I assure you it was a night the client will never forget. My hourly rate is really the same, whether you just want to consult with me online or want me and (possibly) other crew members to help them have what may well be one of the best nights of their lives. Many times, it appears to me, people struggle in their sex lives from failing to be clear on their purposes and goals. They don’t know WHY they have set up the date, and they end up surprised that their plans didn’t go quite the way they hoped.

Setting up a sexual scene certainly can be as simple as posted an ad somewhere, screening the responses, negotiating a meeting ad then just doing it (four steps). My ads always say, keep it to three e-mails. If some one says it’s for “right now”, I expect to have firm plans with very few things left to be nailed down by the third e-mail you send me. If you don’t really me RIGHT now, just be vague on WHEN and talk much more about WHAT. I would definitely have to get to know you to even think about doing that for you. So remember, I’m going to ask questions for at least an hour before I even mention anything about money. You’ll have to decide if I am worth what I charge during the getting to know me hour :)

I urge you to read my stories and enjoy them. If you want to just say hello, or to share something with me, feel free to leave a reply. I do read all comments, but no comments are every published on this site. I may reply if I can easily be of specific assistance with regards to your question or comment. I Never consider fan mail to be in any way a chore. It is always a pleasure to read it. I would never dream of charging you for the time I spent reading a fan letter. So if we are talking about a business thing, I’ll be sure to let you know long before you’ve used up your free hour.

Honestly? I consider myself the luckiest mother fucker on the planet. I’m not yet 50 years old, I’m getting decent health care and may hope to live another 10 or 20 years, given what I know about my family history and current health. I’m married to a man who loves me, understands me and as much as he can takes care of me, which I love and appreciate him for no end. My kitty is on his own journey. We both spend our days writing stories. All of these stories are fiction. We have a fantastic relationship in meatspace and instant messages. We lead completely separate writing and other online lives. He knows who my closest friends hare and gives me greetings from names of people he’s mentioned before. And I am interested in his life and know who some of the most important people are in his world.

But I have no contact info for them. I know of them only as my Kitty tells me stories about them. My Kitty and I both write fiction. That means we make up the names and invent the specific words out of whole cloth. That is what a writer of fiction really does. He tells true stories and makes them sound perfectly believable. But he never name names and always changes so many details that only the most hard-core fan would be able to readily learn a wallet name. Only to find it belongs only to a wallet name of an online ghost. Who only appears as a character in a few online stories. Which in a way, is more or less exactly what all of these stories at heart really are. That this is the fourth or fifth introductory post, and I have done little more than list the cast of characters, and lay down a few ground rules and comply with a few laws, shows either that I am the rare writer who has the real skill to tell a tale that will draw in readers and keep them coming back for more and more through a full one thousand and one nights of talking about real sex. With real men. And no real names.

The sex in these stories is Real. The men in these stories are as the author imagines them. Except for telling you that my huzband is named Kitty and writes stories I stopped reading, since he didn’t seem to need a lot more help getting started and he will do so much better work without me looking over him. If I outlive my kitty, as seems likely, I feel certain that I will be able to publish all of his work somewhere or another. I know that he will not begrudge me that– yea we’ve talked about it. And it will be such a joy some day in the future to read all of the words he wrote and to hear in those words his voice and have those words to forever call him to my memory. More than the profits from publishing his work, that memory will be my real reward.

I promise, that I have almost, very nearly finished with the introductory bullshit. I really am going to be telling stories about men having sex very soon now. These stories will, I hope, be as literate and readable as those in mainstream pornography, but to be witty and clever, filled with cultural references.

Try very hard to think in explicit detail about what it is you WANT. If you want to know a lot about fisting, I could help you with at most 5 minutes of my time and share some resources and point you in some directions. On the other hand if you’ve never been fisted and want to try it out, I could do that for you too. But that would be a 3 hour out call at 100/hour plus additional charges if you want film made or need help finding guests or any other questions that may arise in the course of producing your event.

Any day now, I promise. I really will stop with the introductory stuff and start telling you the stories I know you came to hear. Soon. Real Soon. I promise.

By baddaddybear


It’s not an age.   It’s a position and an attitude.    I have been realizing just what a complex and hoary thing terminology is when you’re a Bear who talks all the time about how he loves to breed Boys.   First off,  is not an age,  it is an attitude and a position.    I find that I strongly prefer my boys be at least 35 years old and generally,  for me,  the older the better.   Take last night.

I had a great day, to start with.    My cub lined up a bottom guy to cum over to his house and service both of us from both ends.    Ben was thrilled that the rather ordinary looking 50-something expertly sucked and swallowed his depths,   then proved highly skilled and enthusiastic   about riding Ben with his asshole.    He sucked on it until he was satisfied with the resulting rigidity–  he went down on me for a good twenty or thirty minutes.    And then he rode that big rod with his ass for a solid 45 minutes.

It was a great day.    Later in the evening I got to feeling feisty again and cruised the craigslist ads.    I have actually had great results with craigslist.    I’ve connected with some great guys and I do believe all that is needed to do so safely is to use the same screening criteria that you always should when contemplating even the briefest acquaintance.    If you ever have a bad feeling,  my advice is to just walk away.    I had a good feeling about the guy whose ad I responded to.     Visiting a stranger is always just a little more stressful.    I did get lost.   But I stole a little bit of wifi that was left unguarded by some guy named Gary,   checked the house number on the email  (I love my tablet!)  and soon met my second boy of the day.

Larry was also fifty-something.    He has a thick and rather unkempt mop of steel gray hair and I thin and neatly groomed white mustache.      He was a bit tall and had s little fur on his chest.    He was a quiet guy.   All he really wanted was a nice guy with a usable dick who would be friendly and let him suck on it and ride it.      Larry was an expert.     His house was cluttered and kind of butt ugly.  But in the living room he had the biggest video screen I have ever seen on a television.  (I had thought the cub’s TV was huge but man this was a monster.)   He put on a video that was total heterosexual porn  and I later realized that he probably likes to entertain “Straight” military guys  (we have a huge army base in this county and grunts and flyboys are everywhere all the time).   Cuz after we played for awhile he took me into the bedroom.

Larry eased me back on the comforter–  he Did make the bed before I came over.    He let me lay back and relax and just went to town on Ben.    I lost all track of time as he moved his not hungry mouth up and down my shaft,  taking the whole eight inches to hilt repeatedly,  the easing off and concentrating on the head and then back to that wonderful old pro deep throat.     Oh man,  I love a boy who knows hot to suck his bad daddy bear’s meat.      I very rarely cum from getting sucked and Larry was just showing me that he knew what he was doing.     I lay there in ecstasy until  he finally backed away.

Only to gasp as he moved himself into position and sat right down on Ben.   He had just a little trouble getting it in.   (honestly?  I was only about 75% of full mast)  But after only minor adjustment he was sitting with every inch I had buried to the root in his asshole.   And let me tell you,  this Boy didn’t need to be told to ride it, son.   Larry also masterfully rode my dick for three quarters of an hour and showed me what a very good boy he was.   If you weren’t a daddy bear,   you might just see an ordinary guy with a crappy house.    I see a boy who knows exactly how to take me to heaven for an hour or two.   It really is all in the eye of the beholder.   As for me,  after those two hot boys me and Ben are taking the day Off.

Let’s Be Clear On Some Terms

The following terms have very specific meanings within the context of these stories.   I do not in fact claim to be any sort of expert in gay sex terms.   But it’s very important to me that all of my readers understand exactly what I mean each time I use the word:

Bear–  I have known that what I wanted most to be in this world was bad daddy bear with a big dick since approximately the age of four.     I found one of my father’s Playboy magazines.   I did not notice nor did I come to understand the supposed attraction of any of the naked women I no doubt looked at in that magazine.   But on one page of that magazine there was a picture of a man,  he was perhaps forty years old,   he was covered from head to toe in FUR and he had a large protrusion between his legs.   I knew how to pee of course,  but I scarcely equated what I much later realized was his big daddy dick. with my tiny pee spout.   Honestly,  I don’t remember how big it was.     I didn’t really know what dicks were let alone what they were FOR.   I didn’t see that guy’s picture and think,  ‘I want to have sex with him’.    I looked at that picture and thought  ‘that’s what (who) I want to be when I grow up’.

Huzband–  I am not legally married nor in any formalized domestic partnership with my spouse,  my kitty,  my dearest friend and the man I intimately share everyday life with.     Sometimes I call him my Boy.     I will do my best to make my kitty and all of the other characters come to life right here on your screen.     Any of the specific nouns in this paragraph may refer to the character Kitty.    My totem is a bear.   I am almost grizzly now… fur on my chest and my back and my arms and my legs is kinda of half brown half white.   And what hair I have on my head–  I try to keep it cut short,  though not shaved like a crew cut.    Maybe trimmed to number 9 with the trimmer,  and perhaps just a little work with the scissors to keep it evened out.      My beard,  which I only trim  once or twice a year is worn natural style.   Right now it’s fairly short and the moustache and goatee are the thickest parts.   But I do not shave the margins.    I AM a big hairy bear when I fuck a man in his asshole.

Measurements–  anyone who has done any online connecting on sites like Bear 411, Manhunt or even more general social sites like Tagged and met a number of men will come to realize that dick measurements specified in a profile are most always in “Internet inches”.      I suspect any women who choose to read along in these tales,  which will be both literary and  fictional and very real hot sex featuring Ben.   (Yeah,  I named my dick so sue.   Or suck me.      If you are an at least good  (generously on a curve) cocksucker the chances are you can go own on my big daddy dick and give me some good oral attention.    If you do a good enough job,  and the blow job conveys to me a real emotion  (oh please stick this big dick up my ass)  if you’ve gotten me to at least three-quarters of a full erection   (in actual measurement using a measuring tape and measuring along the top of the penis from my body to the tip is about 8 inches.   Measures around the circumference,  I’m 4 inches.

If you like to suck dick I might be interested in meeting you.   And honestly,   if I connect with you from this account,  it mostly means I want to fuck you.    I’ll tell you a secret here.   All of my  “Pets” on Tagged are men,  who from only looking at the picture,  an assuming they wanted my big dick enough to make me feel like they really wanted it….I would fuck him.    You may notice that I don’t have any firm type.   My type is a man who looks like a man and really wants to make love to my dick.       If you are a woman or at all effeminate you might be able to suck my big dick through a glory hole,   but be assured you will never be invited to get any closer than serving my meat,  when I can’t see you at all.     Gloryholes only.   I don’t do blindfolds.

I need to also be clear that on Tagged,  the only thing I am doing is collecting hot pictures and presenting myself to an audience.      I have tons and tons of photos from my years of being a bad daddy bear.    All of the men appearing in photographs on this site are at least 21 years of age.      If you are under twenty-one,   go play with someone else for a few years or a decade and then come back and see me.    If you just want a trick,   just send a pic and tell me exactly how you want to serve my big dick.   Don’t try to make chit-chat.     I chit-chat under my wallet name.    Your bad daddy bear has a big fucking dick and he loves to stick it in pretty much any masculine man who Really wants dick.

If you want to be a boy for me,   go shave.    Keep a mustache if you want.   But shave your cheeks  if not your chin.   If you are substantially clean-shaven I may really like putting you face down on the bed and laying my full body and weight against your back.     Often I climb on top of a boy and very slowly but very deliberately and without ever easing up slide in all the way to the balls.    I lay my whole weight down on top of the boy with my big fucking dick up his ass to the hilt.     And then I lie very still.   You wanted to ride my big fucking dick, boy?   Well here it is.  The whole thing.   Ride it son.

The best boys are totally thrilled about getting to take Ben in their cum hungry assholes.      These boys NEVER need to be told  ‘okay,  that’s it.   show me how you ride that big dick son’.   Before sticking it in his ass I will have passed,   or at least attempted to pass my three middle fingers through his sphincter, both to be sure that his hole is ready to be fully opened up and used and to make sure that he has cleaned out all of the shit in his lower colon.     Ben does not like scat.    If you are showing any shit I will certainly suggest that you go to the bathroom and use the toilet before you offer me your hole.   If the three finger hand fucking reveals that you have any feces within reach,   again I will insist that you go to the bathroom and be properly cleaned out inside before you can have my dick or my fist up your ass.     I don’t fuck brown hole.

Not all boys are that experienced.    While I don’t usually bother breaking in any absolute beginners….if you’ve never been fucked before,   try it out with at least a dozen other BIG Dicks before you try me.    I really don’t want to be any one’s first time experience with gay sex at this point in my life.     Do NOT ask me to fuck you until you’ve successfully taken  (either to satiety– minimum 30 minutes of having a dick up your ass for each of the twelve dicks) or had twelve other good, experienced tops shoot a load from fucking you in your ass.   I grade on a curve.   I can be patient.   But please do not come anywhere near me looking to hook up if you haven’t already had at least six hours of actual penetration and at least 12 different cocks that are at least as big as mine.

Boys can get many extra points and quite possibly an orgasm from me,  if they let me lie on my back and sit their hungry assholes down on my meat.    If they sit so that they are facing me,  and if they are not too tall they may be able to lean in and chew on my tits a bit.   If they can ride and gently chew I may buck just enough that the boy will BOUNCE on my big dick.   I love it when boys bounce.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg of the first few  terms I wanted to cover before I take you into my confidence.   And tell you and show you all of the hot sex that I have with other real men.   The men are real.   The sex is real.     You’ll never see the faces and this site is about the words,  the sex and the big daddy dick.